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Conditions of use
RÖS’S assigns the use of images for the purpose of marketing property of the company to the PROFESSIONAL for solely commercial purposes. This agreement permits the use of said images for printing marketing materials, publication in social media networks in its domain and/or publication on its website provided that the aim of this use is the promotion of RÖS’S treatments. Their promotional use on websites or in publications not related to the PROFESSIONAL’s communication acts or for other purposes is prohibited. RÖS’S does not permit the total or partial manipulation of any of the images and considers it to be non-compliance of this agreement RÖS’S does not permit assignment or loan by the PROFESSIONAL to third parties. Regarding images containing technology, equipment or facilities, RÖS’S authorises their use without geographical or temporal limitations. Regarding images with models to which RÖS’S enjoys total or partial rights to use, these rights to use may be rescinded by explicit petition of the model, in which case, this will be duly communicated to the PROFESSIONAL for the withdrawal of the images. Uses that may be prejudicial to the right to honour under the terms set out in Organic Law 1/85, of 5 May, on Civil Protection of the Rights to Honour, Personal Privacy Life and Self-image are not authorised.
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